Cherry Blossom Inspired Nursery Part II

As Sofia has grown so has her nursery.  You can add simple accents and personal touches as your baby grows to reflect their current stage.  You may find decorative items that you want to add or receive gifts that would be perfect to personalize your childs room as they grown.

I added current photographs, a bird cage, Sofia’s hand print at age 9 months, and a ribbon wreath we used for her first birthday.

Of course it’s taken me until now to post these updates and Sofia is 17 months and we’ve recently moved into a new home.  Yes, that means more changes and more fun decorating her bedroom to fit her needs as a toddler and making it into a playroom.   Stay tuned for another post on her new bedroom.

Below are the photos of her nursery updates.  For more details on her nursery check our previous post:

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