One Room Challenge Week 5: Big Girl Room

ORC logoWelcome back to One Room Challenge Fall 2014!

If you’re just joining us in One Room Challenge, it’s a 6 week interior design challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home to design or makeover over a room.  You can find my previous ORC master bedroom here.

One Room Challenge Master

This ORC round I’m work on operation Big Girl Room! If you missed the previous weeks you can catch up by starting with Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

Sofia's Big Girl RoomThis week was all about the details and tying up loose ends.  I finally found the perfect hardware to display all the dress up clothes in Sofia’s closet.


I’m loving the feminine touch that also is fit for a princess, according to Sofia, who helped me pick them out! I had planned to hang them, but that didn’t happen and is on my to do list starting today.

Next up was tackling the chandelier install.  If you recall from my mood board, that I was inspired by Pottery Barn Kids paper chandelier, pictured above.  This is the actual chandelier.

White Shell Beaded Chandi

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I started installing this solo the other day.


The install was going well. I had figured out how to remove this boring light fixture.

Old Light Fixture

I only had 3 more steps to go and then I hit a wall. I needed a second pair of hands to help hold the chandelier while I finished the wiring. With the daylight hours dwindling and the days numbered, I finally recruited my husband to come home from work earlier.  Of course once we finished the last few steps the wiring isn’t right and the ceiling canopy isn’t secure. We’ll have to wait to until the weekend to complete this project…UGH!

I did hang all the wall art, including Sofia’s own master pieces this week.  I also bought a new art display board with birds for her art work.

Art display

Lastly, the decision about the bedding: To buy all new bedding or to use what we have. Since we already have a few bedding items that Sofia hasn’t grown out of yet I’ve decided to mix and match it with other bedding we already own.  This is a temporary solution until we decided to invest in a full or twin mattress and bedding for Sofia, which all depends on if our two girls end up sharing a room in the next few months.

My punch/to do list for Sofia’s Big Girl Room:

  • Update the over all look of the room to match her age
  • More toy storage (her room has become the toy zone/play room in our home)
  • Update the photos (I still have baby/1-year-old photos displayed)
  • Replace/install overhead lighting with chandelier – In progress
  • Purchase chandelier
  • Add a princesses castle element for play
  • Print current photos to replace baby/1-year-old photos
  • Purchase white canopy and set up
  • Purchase wall art
  • DIY princess jewelry box
  • DIY butterfly garland for canopy
  • Update bedding
  • Make her bed into a big girl day bed
  • Finish reorganizing her closet (It’s constantly the storage area for push toys/cars etc.)
  • Add finishing touches to closet like hooks and décor
  • Finish DIY memory display box for Sofia’s treasure’s
  • Hang Butterfly decals
  • Find additional wall art
  • Hang wall art

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my progress.  Make sure you check out all the other talented participants in One Room Challenge!


39 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 5: Big Girl Room

  1. I’m in the same boat, we are in the toddler bed, had my daughters crib bedding custom made and love it still. Trying to work it all together and deciding twin or toddler. Love all the feminine touches! Princesses rule!

  2. I’m with Beth – great idea to mix in what you already have- especially if you are going to upgrade the bed later. A bedroom makeover can get pretty expensive (trust me – I’m dealing with my own budget issues right now). I decided to use some of what we have as well! Love seeing all the pretty effects you are integrating. I never had a room like that when I was a kid, so it’s fun to see all the girly accessories come into the design here. Look forward to next week!

    • Erin, thank you so much for saying that, it cheered me up! All theses great grand plans but reality sets in and that thing called a budget. I know you’re master is looking fab, can’t wait to check out your progress!

  3. Love that chandelier! It will totally make the room!! I bet your daughter is so excited about her fancy new room!!! My daughter has been begging me to do her room for an ORC. 🙂

  4. Sorry about the light but it just think of how awesome it’s going to be once you have it up on the weekend:) Looking forward to seeing the reveal!

  5. Beautiful! I love the accessories you chose! Both of my tweens just got their own rooms, and we have been having fun decorating them! I hope to share the room reveals on my blog soon! Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Those hardware pieces are beautiful! So unique. Excellent choice removing the light fixture. I hate those personally. In our master bedroom, we have one similar. I’m like that looks like a hallway light and in fact is the same that is in the hall!

  7. This is fabulous! I’m just catching your One Room Challenge, so I’ll have to go look through the previous posts. That being said, I LOVE that hardware to store her dress up clothes. Annnnd I think it’s adorable that you are putting a specific place to hang her artwork. Your daughter must be so excited!

    • Emily, thank you so much for coming by and for the kind words! I know, me too, it’s so hard this round with all the talented participants! Yes, my daughter is excited about her big girl room, even if it’s little changes. 🙂

  8. that chandelier….beautiful! I can tell you some stories about lighting installation, and the crazy things I have done to hang fixtures by myself…it’s a bit frightening. Can’t wait for your reveal this week, what a pretty room for your “big” girl.

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