One Room Challenge Week 3: Big Girl Room

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It’s always hard to believe you’re at the half way point in One Room Challenge when week 3 rolls around. Yet, here we are and operation Big Girl Room is still in effect with lots to do!

If you’re just joining us in One Room Challenge, it’s a 6 week interior design challenge hosted by Linda from Calling it Home to design or makeover over a room.  You can find my previous ORC master bedroom here.

High & Low Finds

And start from the beginning of operation Big Girl Room with Week 1 and Week 2.

Sofia's Big Girl Room

This week is all about DIY, arts & crafts, and details for Sofia’s big girl room! Of course I couldn’t do this alone and solicited the help of my favorite team members, Sofia & Charlotte, to get this project finished.


I had been planning to purchase a jewelry box for Sofia’s play jewelry.  When she received this make your own princess jewelry box for her birthday, it was the perfect “princess” and “big girl” element I was looking for to update the look of her room.

Sofia, with a little help from her sister Charlotte, had a blast decorating her own jewelry box which will now display all her jewelry.


The moment you’ve all been waiting for, the messy closest reorganization!

Here is what it looked like last week.


At first glance it looks like your typical 3 year olds closet: shoved toys, clothes, shoes, dress up clothes.

Believe it or not I had reorganized this closet just a few months ago.  For storage and to make room for her princess castle tent I moved the book case into her closet.  You can view the bookcase in her room here and DIY here.

Closet Before

As I mentioned in week 1, her closet has become the storage closet dumping area for push/pull toys, her dress up clothes, and miscellaneous toys.

You may have seen versions of a dress up cart/dresser on Pinterest, and I love the idea! A few of my friends recently have done this for their girl’s.

dress up closet

dress up closet

However, I would like to hold onto the bookcase I originally designed for Sofia and utilize it for all of the dress up/costumes and accessories.  I added a few storage solutions to keep items tidy.

I found some adorable hooks to Display Sofia’s dresses in her closet. Here’s one that has made the final list.

Closet Organization

Then, it was reorganizing her clothes and finding other storage areas for the larger toys to make this closet functional and organized.  Here’s some inspirationI was all ready to show you the result after the reorganization, but have a few element I haven’t finished and don’t want to spoil the big reveal.

Next up was converting Sofia’s bed into a day bed and hanging her canopy aka Princess Castle. Here’s a photo that I posted on Instagram

Day Bed and CanopyI’m still playing around with the idea of adding a twin or double bed, but for now I like the look.  Sofia has a large room and lots of space for her and her sister to play.  It has become the unofficial playroom and the decision may come down to leaving the daybed for function.

The fun part has been shopping with Sofia for updates to her room! We hit up Pottery Barn Kids, Hobby Lobby, and I’m off to my favorite ORC resource HomeGoods later today!  Here’s some wall art that made the top list

Wall Art

Other progress includes updating the pictures frames and photo board with current photos of Sofia and the family.  I was all set to purchase a set of sheets from Pottery Barn Kids but of course the reason for their big sale, they have incomplete sets or nothing that fits the room.

My punch/to do list for Sofia’s updated room:

  • Update the over all look of the room to match her age – In progress
  • More toy storage (her room has become the toy zone/play room in our home)
  • Update the photos (I still have baby/1-year-old photos displayed)
  • Replace/install overhead lighting with chandelier – Need to call handyman
  • Purchase chandelier
  • Add a princesses castle element for play
  • Print current photos to replace baby/1-year-old photos
  • Purchase white canopy and set up
  • Purchase wall art
  • DIY princess jewelry box
  • DIY butterfly garland for canopy
  • Update bedding – In Progress
  • Make her bed into a big girl day bed
  • Finish reorganizing her closet (It’s constantly the storage area for push toys/cars etc.)
  • Add finishing touches to closet like hooks and décor
  • Finish DIY memory display box for Sofia’s treasure’s
  • Dec

Thanks for stopping by and seeing my progress.  Make sure you check out all the other talented participants in ORC here.







33 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 3: Big Girl Room

    • Thanks Christine, I appreciate the encouragement! I know, not my favorite thing but a must for function and I’ve just been shoving everything in there along with my girl’s to make the room “clean” when we have people over.

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