One Room Challenge Week 1: Big Girl Room

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Yesterday was the first day of One Room Challenge Fall 2014 for 20 talented professional designers to redo a room in their home or clients home in six weeks. Today is the first day for all of us interior designers and DIYer at heart and professional bloggers like myself! 

One Room Challenge was created by Linda from Calling it Home, who is an extremely talented and creative designer.  20 professional designers will be updating you on their rooms every Wednesday for the next six weeks.  I will be joining a crew who will be updating you on our room progress on Thursdays. 

I first participated in ORC last spring and did our Master Bedroom.

Sarah Sofia Productions

One Room Challenge Master Bedroom

To view more details of my ORC Master Bedroom from spring 2014 click here.

I had two rooms in my home that were front-runners, and it came down to updating my three year old daughter’s bedroom.


We moved into our house 20 months ago, right before she turned 18 months and I had my second daughter.  While she has grown and is becoming more of a little girl, her room hasn’t changed since the last update that I shared from our old home.  You can view that post and her nursery here and here, and her Cherry Blossom & Bird Themed Birthday Party inspired from her nursery here.


When you first walk into my daughter Sofia’s room your eye immediately is drawn to this green blue dresser.  It’s by far been my favorite piece of furniture in her room, and maybe in our entire house!


You’re eye follows the great light in the room to the window seating area and her bed.



I found this cute table and marching chair at antique shop and repainted my old rocking chair that my grandfather had made with Sofia’s name on it.


We recently moved the kitchen out of our family room into Sofia’s room and I like the placement.


Then you turn around and you have this great long wall that I use to display her art work and the cherry blossom painting that has anchored her room since she was born.


My punch/to do list for Sofia’s updated room:

  • Update the overlook of the room to match her age
  • More toy storage (her room has become the toy zone/play room in our home)
  • Update the photos (I still have baby/1-year-old photos displayed)
  • Replace overhead lighting with chandelier
  • Add a princesses castle element for play
  • Update bedding
  • Make her bed into a real “big girl” bed (it’s currently in the converted crib stage that we call her big girl bed)
  • Finish reorganizing her closet (It’s constantly the storage area for push toys/cars etc.)

Next week I will share more details with my floor plan and my inspiration behind updating my daughter’s room.

Thank you for stopping by and make sure you check out all the other participates in One Room Challenge!



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