One Room Challenge Week 2: Master Bedroom


Welcome back to Week 2 in One Room Challenge (ORC)!  It’s been inspiring to hear all the feedback from everyone.  If you missed my plan for my master bedroom in ORC Week 1, you can view the details here:

Quick recap of my plan: I’m finishing my master bedroom and using current furniture, while adding accent furniture pieces, wall art, and mirrors.

It’s been an exciting week full of inspiration from the design pros and new designers from ORC!  I have to admit this challenge is harder than I expected, especially juggling my young girls kids while my husband was out of town this week.   From the girls turning the computer off at critical times to full on tantrums during my shopping trips, it’s been a challenge literarily.  However, the feeling of accomplishment is what is pushing me to the finish line!

Speaking of accomplishment, I did make some headway in my plan from ORC Week 1. I found a pair of toss pillows with a reversible design, the trio inlay mirrors to match our white double dresser, and an upholstered bench with nailhead to sit at the foot of our bed!

If you haven’t noticed I love blue and white and I spotted these toss pillows immediately.


This pair was a great find at my monthly now weekly stop to HomeGoods! It’s a perfect fit with the blue color block bedding.  However, I also like how the pillow is large enough to fit as the back to the current blue arm chair. When I place it on the arm chair it breaks up all the blue.  Here’s my design dilemma , do I split the pair of toss pillows up, one for the arm chair and the other for the bedding, or do I use both as traditional toss pillows with our bedding?  If I decide to use the toss pillow for the blue arm chair it will allow me to splurge on other details such as a side table instead of buying a grey upholstered arm chair with nail head, which is in my original plan. Decisions decisions decisions…

My next big find was this upholstered bench with gorgeous detail with the nailhead and legs.  I’ve been wanting this canary blue ottoman bench for a few years now.  However, we have so much blue in the room from the walls to the bedding that I needed to break out of my mold.  I decided to be daring and choose a neutral color that complimented the white, dark wood, and blues in the room. It was $99 from HomeGoods but negotiated 5% off for the fabric being pulled, that was an easy fix.



If you’ve been following me on Twitter or Instagram, you may have noticed my fun furniture and art finds at local Charlotte stores and at High Point Market, especially for an arm chair, side table, and art work for above the bed.  No decisions have been made yet, but hoping I’ll have at least one of those action items completed by next week.

Next on my list is to pick out fabric for my upholstered headboard and to figure out if I’m going to venture into the DIY  nailhead world or hire someone to do it.  Additionally, I’m hoping to find a mirror and glass store that is able to replace the beveled mirror for my antique wood frame.

Stayed tuned for more ORC fun!  Please visit Linda from Calling it Home for updates on her ORC, the other 19 professional interior designers, and other professional bloggers like myself participating in ORC.









10 thoughts on “One Room Challenge Week 2: Master Bedroom

  1. Love love! All your pics this week on Instagram were great. I feel your pain, my husband travels for work every week which leaves me with four little people schedules and unpredictable behaviors. Cheers to all of us moms who can decorate amidst the chaos!

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