BE MINE: Happy Valentine’s Day!


Valentine’s Day is Friday and my house has been decorated since the end of January! Why so early you may ask? Valentine’s Day should be celebrated more than just one day in my book!

Make Valentine’s Day last the entire month with beautiful floral arrangements, cute signs, banners, and candles in an array of pinks and reds. I love tulips and hydrangeas.  I added a hot pink and gold shimmer tin bucket from Target to make the perfect centerpiece for any Valentine’s Day celebration!

If you have children, get them involved with decorating and hang banners in their room.  I always enjoyed decorating heart cut out cookies with friends. Why not add a new twist to a cookie decorating party by having a small make-your-own photo booth for the kids to play and dress up!  Another fun idea is to decorate cookies, banners, or cards with your children and give them as gifts to their teachers and friends.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

2 thoughts on “BE MINE: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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