Sip & See/Housewarming Brunch


There’s no better reason to celebrate the arrival of our latest addition, Charlotte Grace, and our new home than hosting a Sip and See/Housewarming Brunch with our family and friends.

Inspired by the colors of summer and my daughter Charlotte’s nursery (see details here ) I incorporated corals, blues, greens, pinks, and yellows into the theme.  From the invitation, to the flowers, to the décor, to the food, you see these fun colors.

Brunch is a fun and easy way to entertain a large number of people. Serve savory options such as mini quiche, chicken salad with mini croissants, cucumber flower bites, and mix nuts. As well as sweet options such as bite size doughnuts, banana and zucchini bread, and refreshing watermelon and mint salad.

Inspired by Madigan Made’s cucumber bites I simplified the recipe and made my own version. I used soften cream cheese, 2 cucumbers (sliced), 1 mini flower cookie cutter, 3 red radishes (sliced), and fresh parsley.  Take the flower cookie cutter and cut out flowers from the sliced cucumbers.  Add cream cheese, radish slice and top with fresh parsley.

Don’t forget your signature drink! I served “Blushing Mimosas” to fit with the coral theme.  I found the recipe on and tweaked it a little by using Simply Orange with pineapple juice.  Always serve alternative drink selections such as beer, limeade, and water for your guests.

Many thanks to my assistant, Susan Sofia, aka my mother, for all her help and executing my vision in the floral arrangements.  A special thanks to my Junior League friend, DeAnna Stephens, with Dees Adventures for taking some fun candid shots of guests and for the kind write up on her blog All other photos are by Sarah Sofia Productions.

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My daughter Charlotte Grace's Sip & See and her sister Sofia Wimberley

My daughters: Charlotte Grace (4 months) and Sofia Wimberley (22 months)

Sip & See/Housewarming  Brunch

Candid photos by DeAnna Stephens with Dee Adventures.

Close ups by Sarah Sofia Productions. Candid photos by DeAnna Stephens with Dee Adventures.

Vendor Credits:

Event Design and Photography – Sarah Sofia Productions

Candid Photography – DeAnna Stephens

Floral Design – Sarah Sofia Productions

Coral Buffet Cards – Lauren G, Mama Moonlights