Christmas Decorating on a Budget

Christmas Decorating on a Budget

I always enjoy decorating for the holidays, especially this year with my daughter Sofia who is starting to get into Christmas and the arrival of our baby girl number two soon!

The first step to any decorating is deciding on your theme and color palette.  Keeping my daughter in mind I used a whimsical theme this year with red, blue, gold, green and pops of white as my color palette.

Instead of buying all new Christmas decor, I used ornaments, vases, containers, and candles I already had in my home that fit my theme and color palette.  I then purchased additional items from Hobby Lobby such as the red ribbon garland on the Christmas tree, faux garland over the mantle, the wooden Believe sign, nutcracker, Santa Claus, Santa’s Elf helper, snow man, and stocking holders. All these items were on sale for 50% off the original price.

I used previously purchased stockings from Pottery Barn Kids, which has great deals this time of year, that represent each member of our family, including our dog Bailey!  However, if you’re looking to cut down on costs, craft stores have a good selection of stockings. You can stencil the name or first initial of your family member instead of monogramming.  Personal Creations, an online store, also offers decorative stockings at a low price.

To get his look I spent less than $100 and so can you!

Christmas TreeChristmas TreeMantleMantleChristmas Decor


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