DIY Decorating Projects

Here are two DIY decorating projects that are the latest trends in events: personalized shelves and fabric letters.  You can also use these DIY projects in styling your home such as nursery or living room.

Personalized Shelves and Cabinets:

A fun and creative way to display drinks or food at an event is to create personalized shelves.  You can reuse shelves you already have or find inexpensive ones at a flea market, garage sale or discount store.

I picked neutral white shelves, but you can paint them any color. For the back of the shelves you want to coordinate the event’s color or the decor of your room.  I choose a green and pink damask design from Michael’s and then glued the paper squares to the back of the cabinets with a glue stick.

Personalized Fabric Letters:

Looking for a whimsical way to make your next event pop or personalize a kid’s room?  Try making your own fabric letters and coordinating them with the theme of your event or the decor of your kid’s room.  You can find cardboard letter cut outs and an array of different fabrics at Hobby Lobby or Joann Fabrics.  You’ll also need fabric glue and fiber fill.  I alternated two different colored fabric to get my desired look, but you can use several different fabrics.  Another idea is to use colored ribbon to get the desired look.

I followed a tutorial from Tip Junkie, , and made my own adjustments as I went along.  You can display the letters as a banner, lean them against a wall, or hang them with colored coordinated ribbon.

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