A Wine Tasting & Tapas Themed Bridal Shower

A wine tasting and tapas bridal shower or bachelorette party is a perfect theme for a bride who enjoys wine and doesn’t like to be the center of attention.  This is a fun party that allows guests to mix and mingle and learn a little about wine.  You can host this party in your home, at a wine cellar, a winery, or if the weather is nice outside in someone’s backyard or patio.

You should plan to serve two whites and two reds and depending on the bride’s preferences one to two sparkling wine(s) or champagne(s), 3 bottles of each (12-18 bottles total).   You should offer one sweet and one dry white wine such as a Riesling and a Chardonnay and a lighter and full-bodied red wine such as a Pinot Noir and Cabernet.

For this bridal shower we had several kinds of cheese to pair with the wines such as Cheddar, Gouda, Brie, Gruyère, and Goat and an assortment of crackers.  We also served fruit, which is a great compliment to wine, such as green and red grapes and pears (rub lemon over top to help prevent them turning brown).  Other tapas included tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella ball skewers, heart-shaped smoked salmon squares, spanakopita, humus and veggies, crab dip, and of course a little something sweet with macaroons from Pistacia Vera.

Don’t forget to personalize the wine and tapas tasting with such elements as wine glasses (shown below) with the bride and groom’s wedding date for guests to use and take home as a gift.   Make wine cards for each wine that include the type of wine, vineyard, the year, and a brief description.  Use accents such as flowers, liens, candles, and paper lanterns to make the party pop with the bride’s wedding colors!  Left over wine and wine glasses are perfect gifts to give to the bride.

Photography, flower arrangements, design, and catering by Sarah Sofia Productions.

3 thoughts on “A Wine Tasting & Tapas Themed Bridal Shower

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